Have a cleaning emergency? Don’t worry, CG Environmental – Cleaning Guys can help! Call our 24 hour Emergency Response line — 817-483-8181 and the Cleaning Guys will be there to clean up your mess ASAP.LEARN MORE
Quicker than the competition. We work with fire fighters throughout Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Austin areas.Cleaning Guys offers solutions to all hazardous waste situations.
You’re sure to find cleaning applications you’ve never been able to consider. We remove and capture dirt, oil, grease, grime, glue and residue with only one pass! Our commercial cleaning services are perfect for any industrial application.LEARN MORE
Quality Work at a Great Price We clean away dirt and debris from all surfaces. Oily materials/hydrocarbons should be recovered under the clean water act, and as an Environmental Company, that is what we do.LEARN MORE
Dedicated to Helping You We are a special company that is dedicated to helping people when tragedy strikes. Our objective is to compassionately, safely and discreetly restore a scene to a safe state. The owner of CG Environmental – Cleaning Guys has a police background and works closely with municipalities.LEARN MORE
Premium Safety Supplies for Industries and First Responders CG Safety Supply provides superior quality first responder and industrial safety supplies to a multitude of industries and emergency response organizations throughout Texas.LEARN MORE

The Cleaning Guys is the Original Company that Handled the First Ebola Virus Cleanup in the United States

Ebola is a class A infectious disease and very dangerous.  When a case was discovered in the fall of 2014, the Cleaning Guys were called in to handle the situation and implement safeguards. Read More Here


In today’s competitive business environment, CG Environmental – Cleaning Guys ensures you receive the superior value that you expect from a business service partner. CG Environmental sets the industry standard in emergency response, haz mat services, spill management, industrial cleaning and biohazard cleaning services for industrial, commercial and individuals in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, greater Houston area, Austin, and the San Antonio metro area. CG Environmental is recognized as a preferred provider for municipalities, the solid waste industry as well as concrete and construction companies throughout Texas.

CG Environmental – Cleaning Guys hard surface cleaning program cleans and removes waste material, and immediately captures water for re-use or disposal…all with just one pass! You’ll have a faster, more efficient cleaning as high pressure, rotating sprayers combine with vacuum power to remove water, chemicals and dirt from any hard surface.

Need cleaning services? CG Environmental – Cleaning Guys is available to respond to your emergency hazardous material event or scheduled cleaning, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Contact CG Environmental for a free quote today.